There are three museums in this college. One is maintained by the department of History, the second by department of Zoology and the third is maintained by department of Botany. The museum maintained by the department of History adorns the shelves with more than a hundred rare fossils, sconces, coins, earthenware and so on. The museum maintained by the department of Zoology has many racks filled with skeletons, embalmed in the phylum of invertebrates like protozoa, porifera, coelenterate; Platyhelminthes, annelids and arthropods, Echinoderm further in chordate fishes, amphibians, birds, and reptiles are maintained puppetry in Zoology museum. Cretaceous period fossils like Nautilus and ammo nits are maintained in Zoology department. But though the collections maintained in the museum of the department of Botany is very little as compared with the other two museums, they are priceless and exorbitant.