"Education is Simply the Soul of a Society as it Passes from One Generation to Another"- G.K. Chesterton


Ariyalur Government Arts College, a pioneering Government College which was established in the year 1965, owing to the awareness of Higher Education among the people in and around the small town Ariyalur, as well for the development in the field of primary, middle level education in Tamilnadu, on top of the then State Government policy to spread Higher Education in the rural areas of less privileged, contributed to establish this Government College of Arts at Ariyalur.

The college was initiated on the 14th of June 1965 by the veteran Professor Y.P.Ramachandran, commencing from the first and foremost Principal and through many intellectual Principals to the present prominent Principal Dr.S.SREEDARAN , it has been governed with atmost care and earnestness.


A committee with commitment comprising Government officials and public had been formed to collect the sufficient fund in order to establish this well-renowned college. The committee was led by the then District Collector Mr. K. Sokkalingam, I.A.S, and the leading lawyer Mr. S. Varadharajan, B.A.,B.L., as secretary. After that the committee was extended on 20.01.1965 and Mr. P.Thangavelu,B.A.,B.L., the then Panchyat Union President served as secretary. The committee had bought 20 acres of land as well as collected Rs. 3, 83,876/- as donation from the public. At present this college has successfully accomplished fifty (50) academic years.

Inauguration of the College

The college had been set in progresson 14th June 1965 with the able administrator and Principal Mr.Y.P.Ramachandran, M.Com. LLB,. Officially it was inaugurated by the then Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, Mr.M.Bhakthavathchalam on 23.08.1965. In the beginning the college was started in the building of Govt. Higher Secondary School, Ariyalur till 1966, afterwards it was changed to its own place with 18 classrooms on 23rd January 1967. Gradually its infrastructure had developed and in the year 1976-77 another building had been constructed with the donation received from the sacred temple of Lord Kaliyaperumal, Kallangkurichi, subsequently the waiting hall had also been constructed for the necessity of the girl students.


In 1998-99 and 2000-2001, four classrooms and a new building were constructed respectively with the fund given by the Member of Rajya Saba Mr.S.Sivasubramaniyan M.A., B.L., and it was named as "SivaBuilding". In the year 2005-06 the first floor, with three classrooms was constructed with the fund given by the then Central Minister for Health, Dr.Anbumani Ramadoss. In the same year, the MLA of Ariyalur District,Mr. Elavazhagan gave fund for constructing one classroom in the first floor of the Dept. of Environmental Science.On account of its firm growth, now the college has 58 acres of land as its own property.

Academic Programmes

In 1966-67, the special language courses in Mathematics-History was converted into History-Economics and taught in Tamil Medium.Then in the year 1968-69, this college was promoted as degree-course College.  At first History and Economics courses were started.During 1968-69, all first year U.G. classes were taught in Tamil.In 1969-70, U.G. course in Mathematics and in the same year, six other new courses were started and taught in both English and Tamil medium.

In the academic year 1976-77, Commerce,Economics, History and Botany courses were added to the folders of this well renowned college.  In the following academic years 1980-81, 1981-82, 1982-83, 1998-99, the UG courses B.A. Tamil Litt.; B.Sc., Zoology; B.Sc., Physics; B.Com; B.Sc., Computer Science and PG Course M.Sc., Environmental Science Courses were started respectively. On the basis of Self-financing course mode B.Sc.,Chemistry and P.G. courses Tamil, History, Economics, Computer Science were started during the year 2003-2004 and in the same basis M.Sc., Mathematics,and M.Com., courses were also started in 2005-2006 after that in the year 2006-2007, these courses were transformed into General Division Course mode.